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Pay per click has tremendous potential, Since most search engine and social media platforms have vested interests in them. Large players like Google, Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter and others have developed their user search and discovery model around them, to maximize business reach at a whole new level. In fact it is safe to say that in the future, paid ads will take over organic search or minimize their visibility entirely, Hence their is no doubt that Pay per click(PPC) is the future of Internet marketing

But, as a business owner how can you ride this brand wagon? Its simple every major search provider have intelligently created Ad placements that lure the masses to buy from the business. be it footfalls to a restaurant, Flash sales, Real estate or just Improving brand popularity. PPC has something for everyone

Text Search Ads

Search ads can be a powerful marketing tool when it comes to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) with instant search engine rankings being its major advantage. SEM allows you to capture top results in search engine pages, thereby giving you an opportunity to showcase your USP’s or to simply notify users if you have a sale or are giving out a discount. Simply put SEM is for businesses that are in a hurry. Another major advantage is the ability to move traffic to a specific page this comes handy if you want to sell a specific product or a service.

Key Objectives

  • Effective campaign set-up, to optimize Cost per click
  • Identify business opportunities and design the campaign accordingly
  • Set up conversion tracking and provide valuable insights

Display Banner Ads

Image ads are far more impactful than search ads however unlike search ads they are not keyword triggered, and have limitations in reach. However, with Google Adsense their limited visibility accounts for a better lead conversion. Display ads have the biggest advantage of appearing at multiple websites irrespective of how huge the website is. Google algorithms allow marketers to place banner Ads on websites that have a sure-shot chance of converting a lead. An example: placing a swimsuit Ad in a scuba diving blog is sure to convert a user into a buyer

Key Objectives

  • Create lucrative banner ads that are sure to grab attention
  • Research display ad placements to suit the campaign
  • A/B testing with different banner types for maximum clicks

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing is probably the most innovative marketing technique devised in this decade, Simply because it allows you to differentiate the leads from random users. Remarketing is also an effective key to reduce Cost-per-click in PPC campaigns, simply due to the fact that the user in a remarketing campaign is a revisiting user and will be charged less as they are genuinely interested in a product or service. In simple terms remarketing is a type of Display ads that appear to a user if they have already visited your page once before.

Key Objectives

  • Bring down the overall CPC with Remarketing
  • Create the best remarketing strategist with the right pitch
  • Enable remarketing opportunities in Social media

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