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About US

Nothing but a bunch of passionate tech geeks!
A creative digital agency with a decade experience in web services and beyond. We etch masterpieces in web which stand out for its uniqueness and finesse. When ideas of like minded individuals take shape the result is nothing less than awesome! Bart & Raj - The masterminds behind the inception of this production house have believed in collaborating and connecting to newer ideas, across the length and breadth of the globe. The awesome twosome, In spite being from different cultural backgrounds, they blend the best of the two worlds when it comes to technical expertise and professionalism.

WebWizardsUSA is a company born out of the competence and perseverance of these two like-minded techies. The team onboard is made up of a bunch of passionate individuals who keep themselves busy exploring fresh dimensions of web and its related arenas. From building robust applications to rendering business intelligence, WebWizardsUSA does it all....and with perfection! With time-tested strategies and technical know-how we understand that challenges are just another way of seeing things more interestingly!

Spreading the magic of adept technology, we make sure you become Wizards of your business...of course without the wand in your hand!

Our Team

Bart Cassidy

Bart started his technical career back in 2000 with the American Safety Institute. Working on fixing computers, building websites and creating new software projects for the company in Florida, New York and other states. Since then Bart has created a very comprehensive e-learning training software and other complex projects. With more than a decade of expertice in the IT products and services industry. Bart is known for his detail to attention, communication and work ethics to make projects successful. If he promises he delivers thats the attitude he carries and heavily emphasises his team to carry the same mind set. He loves taking a business idea of concept and turning that into a successful business. When not working Bart enjoys time with his wife and 2 beautiful daughters.

Raj Subramanian

Being passionate about designing, he started off by setting up his own digital agency in 2008. He is an adept designer by himself and has a bunch of stunning designs to his credit. He went on to expand horizons in the field of Information Technology and test new waters in this domain. His agency now grooms businesses from across the world and offers the finest of white label services. From web development to internet marketing, his area of venture is vast. He believes that his motto of delivering fine quality work, on time, has fetched him valuable clients from all over. His customer centric approach at work makes him move with ease in this domain and has helped him build a long-standing reputation in this industry. His love for travel, food and driving sets him off on a quest for adventure. When he is behind the wheels, he is all fast and furious!

Adrian Montoya Ibarcena

Adrian joined Web Wizards in June 2020. An excellent front end React developer and project manager Adrian brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team.

Carol Bolger

Carol joined Web Wizards in March 2020. Carol has extensive programming expertise with Android and Laravel both. Carol is a great asset to our team working on any Android projects or Laravel along with APP development.

Fallon Cattano

Fallon joined Web Wizards in October 2019. Fallon brings great experience as our Senior project manager.

Jordan Richardson

Coming Soon.

Lauren Lydic

Coming Soon.

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