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Custom Web Applications

We make your business more efficient. We make custom applications for your business - Internet based programs that are easy to access from any computer

Responsive web applications

Online web applications are quickly replacing computer and mobile applications, simply because they are platform independent, and save a ton of money in doing so. Companies now prefer hosting their applications on their webserver instead of coding their programs for windows, Mac, Android and iOS and then marketing and supporting them on multiple platforms. An easy example, remember when was the last time you installed a PDF to word converter or VLC/Windows media player on your PC? Ever since Online PDF to Word converters & Netflix came around, We guess never!.

Key Objectives

  • Any device with a web browser is made compatible
  • Design web apps that look, feel and work the same on all devices
  • Virtually no downtime with AWS web server hosting

Mobile App like features

With our Progressive web apps we deliver web applications that appear to users like a mobile app, but are really web pages or websites, with a host of features & advantages of running over web browsers, With abilities to work offline, instant loading with cache feature, reliability and the function to receive push notifications. Makes it a far superior competitor to mobile apps. Imagine the need to persuade users to install your app eliminated! well that can come true with web apps.

Key Objectives

  • Mobile app like Ui/Ux and instant load with AMP
  • Notification feature just like apps
  • Complete Web app Support

SaaS Integration

Software as a Service (SaaS) has revolutionized the way we manage and run our business, with CRM and ERP solutions from SAP, Oracle, Salesforce and Microsoft. We make sure you business solutions are managed with its complete control at your fingertips. While supporting integrated business processes across third-party systems and real-time data integration features

Key Objectives

  • Microservice architecture design and deployement
  • Full service back-end development
  • Cloud API integration

We are one of Wilmington’s leading app development companies

WebWizardsUSA offer’s a myriad range of custom applications that rank high in scalability and agility. We help businesses to etch complex applications which are tailor-made to fit requirements of any size. Our application services are targeted towards addressing business problems and offering solutions of the highest quality that stands the test of time.

With the organizations shifting focus to the digital dimension of business, application services are in high demand. Building competent applications that cater to the needs of the different industrial sector have gained greater priority in recent times. Right from the financial sector to supply chain, application services have infiltered into even the smallest of the business segments, with the advent of cutting edge technology.

In the development lifecycle we own each and every process in order to make sure that the end-result is nothing short of perfection. From analysis to deployment, our technical know-how comes to the rescue in order to ensure that the application services give your business the much needed transformation.

Additionally, here’s what we have to offer from the think tank of WebWizardsUSA

  1. Business/ Enterprise application development
  2. Mobile application development
  3. Standard industrial solutions
  4. Enterprise prototyping services
  5. Consulting & Support

Encompassing all major business arenas, our application services look into the depths of the requirement architecture. A team of trained professionals are with you at every stage of development to ensure the application conforms to the highest standards of quality and performance.

From web version to the mobile dimension of application development; we build it with extreme care so that its flexible enough to accommodate newer features in the future. Our effective maintenance processes, trigger enhancement and empowerment of businesses at various stages of growth. Our applications services come with robust frameworks and implementation strategies, to keep you a notch above the rest.

We offer all the facets of application services that your business could ever ask for. All this and much more; from our technological coliseum!

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We’d love to answer any questions you may have. Contact us and discuss your business objectives & we will let you know how we can help along with a Free Quote.

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