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Facilitiv – LMS Platform For Educator Evaluations.


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JQuery, Laravel, MySQL

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Laravel Version 7.29



Facilitiv is a comprehensive platform designed to optimize educator evaluations through automation and advanced analytics. It streamlines scheduling, feedback, and professional development planning, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness. Facilitiv offers user-friendly interfaces for administrators and educators alike.

  • Automated Scheduling and Evaluation Management
  • Data-Driven Feedback Generation
  • User Management for Schools and Districts
  • Evaluation Listings with Detailed Analytics
  • Real-time Calendar and Status Updates

What We Have Done

Facilitiv automates the scheduling of evaluations and management of the entire process, reducing administrative burdens and ensuring timely evaluations.

  • Allows administrators to manage users, including educators and evaluators, with ease, ensuring smooth operation across schools and districts.
  • Offers detailed analytics and reports on evaluations, enabling administrators to monitor progress and make informed decisions.
  • Features a real-time calendar with status updates, keeping all stakeholders informed about upcoming evaluations and deadlines.
  • Offers robust rubric management, enabling administrators to create, modify, and manage evaluation rubrics efficiently.
  • Supports video sessions allowing evaluators to have flexibility and accessibility, making evaluations more comprehensive and less intrusive.
  • Simplifies employee management by allowing administrators to create individuals or import bulk lists of educators and staff. This feature streamlines onboarding and ensures accurate, up-to-date records of all personnel involved in the evaluation process.
  • Enables detailed individual assessments, providing personalized feedback and development plans for each educator.

Code Snippets

Cron code

  • The purpose of using cron code on the Facilitiv platform is to automate and schedule repetitive tasks at predefined times or intervals.

Mail Send code

  • This automation ensures timely and consistent communication, enhancing the overall efficiency and user experience.

Full calendar events customize code

  • These customizations improve usability, ensure efficient time management, and provide a seamless experience for all users.

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